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SEO Consultant Dublin, Ireland

Website Positioning

I optimize and promote websites for the purpose of search engines exposure. I am passionate about SEO.

I utilise best practices to help search engines find, index, and rank your site and strictly follow leading search engines quality guidelines.

In fact, I do stick to Google quality guidelines which can be found here:

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I'm a digital marketing consultant based in Dublin and my focus is on helping small businesses increase their business through effective digital marketing strategies.

I'm a SEO Consultant who stick to Google guidelines. Hire me


I follow Google Quality Guidelines

SEO Made in Ireland

I do not outsource my work to Asia or anywhere else. I am Dublin based, contracted SEO consultant, servicing companies that want to promote their website in Ireland.

Full attention

I fully concentrate on each SEO project and offer customized solutions instead of programmatic methods or pre-made SEO plans


I will provide all documentation and insight into each stage of the project. Client education, understanding and buy-in are crucial for successful projects in my opinion

Daily SEO reports

I send ranking reports daily so you are up to date with position of your site in search engines

100% Organic SEO

I work in web marketing industry since 2009. I specialize in organic SEO and website optimization. I have the expertise and knowledge to help your business make more money by attracting prospective customers to your website and improving the conversion of existing visitors into happy, paying customers.

If you have any questions about your business, website, or the services that I provide, please don't hesitate to drop me a message and I'll be happy to help. I'm always just a few mouse clicks away with friendly advice and support.

As a SEO freelancer I work to develop efficient and effective processes to help businesses generate more revenue, particularly in the area of search engine optimization.

I’m Reasonably Priced

Being a freelance SEO consultant enables me to be more competitively priced & commercially minded than a digital marketing agency. If you are an Ireland business I can can help, my goal with websites is to generate sales.

If SEO is a critical ongoing piece of your marketing strategy and you value hands-on, personalized service, then hire me and you can continue focusing on your business while I do precisely what I am trained to do.


Web Site Analysis

My service will provide insight on how to improve your web site so that you can start seeing better results.

Search Engine Optimization

Are your competitors ranking much higher than you in the search engines? I can help change that for you.

Website Promotion

I'll help translate your business into an online presence that attracts customers.

Reduce Advertising Costs. Get More Phone Calls. Increase Your ROI

Let me help you bring more customers to your website

I am SEO consultant with passion

I keep myself up-to-date with the fast-moving SEO landscape, particularly technological and search engine trends, changing algorithms and ranking factors. I understand the importance of always staying one step ahead in this dynamic and ever-changing field.

Keyword & competitor analysis

I like to be honest and transparent when it comes to achieving results. Through analysis I can determine how competitive particular search terms are and set realistic goals for any given budget.

Optimizing & monitoring

As an online marketer I have experience in developing SEO campaigns, analytics,
 Search Engine rankings monitoring, keyword research, site auditing methods, social media optimization and link building. I have a passion for optimizing websites to achieve business goals and a knowledge for improving organic internet search engine rankings with my creative approach and thorough research and analysis.

I use Google friendly SEO tactics

I manage companies online presence in an ethical manner. I don't risk my own or my client's reputation often earned through the years. This also ensures your site will continue to rank well in the long term and not be hit by future Google algorithm updates.

Website Positioning Service

I plan and execute tried and tested optimization and website positioning methods, as well as test newer initiatives to improve search engine page rankings. I deliver a personal, passionate & tailored search engine optimization services while implementing SEO and content strategies to build reach and protect the company brand.

As well as managing your day-to-day digital marketing, I will work with you pro-actively to identify and exploit SEO opportunities for your business.



I provide truly personalised website positioning service

Let me be a lead Consultant and be responsible for delivery and management of Search Engine Optimization services for your business.
I specialize in SEO techniques and Online Marketing Strategies that help your business grow.

Everything I do is custom, so you should get in touch with me to discuss a quote a first.
If you’re not happy with your current SEO supplier, or are looking to start a new SEO campaign, then why not get in touch and I'll prove to you that I'm really effective and efficient. Contact SEO Marketer now for a free quote.

I don’t promise something I can’t deliver, and make sure the client is not under a false sense of security, expecting immediate success on Google or social media. The quality of my SEO work will speak for itself. I realize I’m selling a service many people are unfamiliar with.

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You have come to the right website if you are looking for Dublin SEO services.

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SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website or webpage within the organic search results. In a highly competitive space a professionally optimised website can achieve a more prominent position than its competitors and therefore achieve more visits, leads and potential sales.

Why Hire SEO Consultant

Well, because everyone uses search engines to find the answers to their needs. So why shouldn't your website be in the top results of their search? Every visitor is a potential customer. Most of the times, Search Engine Optimization takes credit for the success of online businesses.

Search engine optimization does not specialize in tasks that will make pigs soar high up in the sky. Its real task is to dig deeper into the genetics of a website and reengineer the essential elements until it transforms into an eagle.
Bruce Clay

Internet marketing services for local businesses.

The SEO Consultant Firm specializes in website search engine optimization and helping firms grow through the use of advanced internet marketing.

Today, it’s not just large companies engaging in search engine marketing. As more and more people turn to the web for information, small businesses from shoe stores to lawyers to B&B’s have embraced the flood of customers that can be delivered by search engines. By extension, more small businesses are becoming involved in the art and science of SEO and an increasing number of them are turning to consultants to navigate this technical marketing channel.

Google search engine is constantly changing, is highly technical and amazingly competitive.

It can be very easy for just about anyone to proclaim to be an SEO guru while hiding behind confusing technical jargon and fleecing clients with outdated, ineffective or even dangerous advice.

SEO is a long term investment, requiring ongoing development of strong content. Agencies that “guarantee” quick results or those who are paid based on their results are incentivized to cut as many corners as possible. For example, an agency whose pay is contingent on achieving a top 3 ranking for a given term is incentivized to purchase links to collect their pay for performance bonus. While this tactic may work in the short term, once the search engines catch on (and long after the agency has collected their fee), the long term damage to the business can be considerable.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to “guarantee” search engine rankings because search engines are always changing. But if you take into consideration all of the criteria involved in SEO – and perform the tasks ethically – your rankings should be just around the corner.

I never take on more than 4 clients at any time. I prefer to have a small number of happy clients than a large number of unhappy ones.

It's often called White Hat SEO

When I say “white”, it refers to pure, no impurity or bad things, similarly white hat SEO means no illegal or bad means of achieving top rankings. It is pure and totally legal ways, without spamming and stuffing of keywords.

Here is how it works:
Keywords and rankings - The first effect of the SEO campaign is to improve the targeted keywords' rankings. This way, your website has more visibility on the internet.
More quality traffic - Once your website becomes more visible, more quality traffic is generated.
Higher conversion rate - Search engines represent the best traffic sources. The more effective your SEO strategy is, the higher the conversion rate will be.
More customers - In the end, SEO generates new customers. Your online success!

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving your visibility in search results by optimizing your website. I conduct a thorough analysis of relevant keywords for your brand, and then boosts the presence of those words throughout your site. Search engines then discover the terms on your site, and individuals searching for these words will find you in the search engine's results pages.