Advantages of having mobile friendly site

One of the most important factors that should always be considered when creating or managing websites is device compatibility. In the world today, most people tend to access the web using their mobile phones. This means that in order to increase traffic and improve customer service, it is advisable and beneficial to make the website mobile friendly. Just as the name suggests, this is the process of optimizing the website for mobile compatibility. Most people tend to assume that the site is already mobile friendly without checking the site. This simplest and cheapest way to check whether the site is mobile friendly is by simply trying to visit the site from a mobile device. This provides the owner with a picturesque view on how the site appears in the eyes of the customer.

Benefits of mobile friendly sites

As mentioned above, most people tend to visit the web using mobile phones. Due to this, the main benefit of opting for mobile optimized sites is that it will highly increase traffic flow to the website. There are various other advantages associated to making a website mobile friendly. Some of the main benefits include;

  • Faster loading– a website that is not mobile friendly always loads slower than one that is mobile optimized. In some cases, some of these sites fail to load or open. Mobile friendly sites load faster mainly due to fact that the site already has a mobile compatibility code. The normal sites end up leading to a loss of potential visitors or customers due to slow loading. Apart from the point of slow loading, visitors tend to be impatient with sites that are complex when it comes to page navigation. A mobile friendly site tends to make it easier for the visitor to use and navigate the pages. This in turn increases the chances of converting the visitor to a potential customer. When it comes to websites, the main aim is to have the visitor spend a lot of time on the site so as to be able to view all the products and services. This will not be possible if the pages fail or load slowly.
  • Keeping up with the competition– Most companies have mobile optimized sites to make it easier for their clients of customers. Having a site that is not mobile friendly increases the chances of losing clients to competitors that have a mobile friendly website. Mobile friendly websites provide the chance to get ahead of the competition or even the market field.
  • Ranking– most search engines tend to rank sites according the traffic flow. As mentioned above mobile friendly sites have an increased traffic flow compared to the normal sites. This means that the site will in turn get a higher ranking from the search engines as opposed to the normal sites. This is highly advantageous for new websites.
  • Accessibility– as mentioned above, most people tend to spend time on their mobile phones compared to their computers. Having a mobile friendly site allows the user to be able to access the website from any place with ease. This is highly important when it comes to marketing the site or company.
  • Customer satisfaction– this can be described in two main ways. The first point being that it is hectic and time consuming loading a desktop based website when using a mobile phone. Ensuring that the website is mobile friendly tends to cause customer satisfaction. The second description is the fact that the customer feels satisfied and confident with the services provided since having a mobile friendly site shows that the company or organization is ready to serve the customer in all methods possible. When creating the website, the aim should be to improve the experience and the simplest way of doing so is by having a mobile friendly website.
  • Customer relations– the best part about having a mobile friendly site is that one can be able to build a healthy customer relationship. This is made possible by the availability of several other features that are not available on normal websites. For instance, one can opt to add a click-to-call feature. This allows the visitor to communicate directly with ease.
  • Growth and flexibility– when it comes to running a company or better yet managing a site the main aim is to ensure growth. The first step to take is having mobile friendly site which in turn allows the organization to take the next step of having their own mobile app. Once the site gains the right amount of mobile users, the mobile app will be used by a high number of individuals compared to the normal desktop based sites.

These are some of the main advantages associated to having a mobile friendly website.

Advantages of having mobile friendly website
A perfect mobile friendly website

Creating a perfect mobile friendly website

It is however essential to know some of the simple tricks and tips one can use in order to be able to create the perfect mobile friendly site. Some of the best simple applicable tips to try out include;

  • Font and button sizes– it is always important to keep this in mind. One of the biggest mistakes that most people do when creating the mobile friendly site is by using small fonts. It is better to use larger fonts in order to allow the user to use the site without having to zoom. For the case of buttons, having larger buttons is highly beneficial. The reason behind this being that it allows the visitor to press the button without missing it.
  • Clear images– this can be achieved by using high resolution images. When it comes websites appearance is everything. The site should aim to invite the visitor back. This can be easily achieved by using high resolution images.
  • Give the user some power– most sites make a mistake of constraining the user to the mobile site. This means that the user lacks the power to visit the main website. It is essential to include a button to allow the visitor to get access to the main webpage. This provides a better user experience.

Testing the website for mobile friendliness

The most important tip is to make sure that the site is always tested. Testing the site on different mobile platforms is the best way to ensure that the site is fully accessible and turned out perfect.