Basic SEO tips for new websites

This quick post may help you understand how SEO flows and what questions you should answer to yourself before and during creating a search engine friendly site for your business. Note: this is very basic.

Basic SEO tips for your new website

Targeting right keyword

  • Do you know what keyword or keyword phrase you will target?
  • Is the keyword suitable to build a website around?
  • Can you compete on the search term?
  • Does the search term attract the visitor to become a converting customer?
  • Does your website offer the specific information the user is looking for when searching for the keyword?
    If not, find a new keyword or phrase.

If you don’t own a domain and are not able to find a suitable domain (the one containing your keyword), then consider to use another keyword. Use Google Keyword Planner to build a list with other keyword phrases.

Do you own a domain?

  • Is your domain an exact match domain (EMD) or at least contain the keyword or keyword phrase?
  • Is it good enough for you to use it?
  • If you change domain name, make sure to do a 301 redirect to the new domain.
  • If your domain name is not good enough, then register the one that is. Alternatively you can buy a site or an expiring domain containing the keyword you want to target.

Make sure that your hosting provider is situated in the right geographic area. If your target market is Dublin, then the best option would be to use hosting provider based in Ireland or the UK. If you use a database, make sure it is fast. It is important that your website load fast for the visitor, both for their experience and for Google.

Make sure your website is working good and also make sure to use a good CMS (content management system) from the beginning.

Do some Onpage SEO

  • Make sure your landing page contain at least 1000 words with a keyword density of 2-3%.
  • Use your keyword in page title, h1, h2 and h3 tags as well as meta description.
  • Meta keywords are ignored by Google so if you want, you can ignore them.
  • Have a good internal link structure. Use an alt=”keyword phrase” in an img tag on the landing page.
  • Check if your domain or a page is indexed by Google.
  • If possible, make as many subpages with unique content as you can.
  • Update your site with new content as often as you possibly can.

Do you have some good and relevant backlinks earned?¬†It’s time to do some Offpage SEO if you don’t. Hiring a digital marketing consultant seems to be a good idea at this stage.

Help Google see your site

  • Is your website is not indexed by Google?
  • Make sure you don’t have robots noindex tag.
  • Robots.txt allow Googlebot.
  • Make sure not to use any form of cloaking or black hat redirects.
  • The server should give an ok 200 response.
  • Make sure only one domain points to the same content.
  • Redirect to one single URL as landing page.
  • If you have spammy backlinks which has deindexed your site, try to switch domain.


Are you ranking no 1 for your keyword or keyword phrase?Basic SEO tips for new websites

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