How much is my SEO

The cost of my SEO service depends on some factors

In general it depends on the volume of work I have to put in and the agreement decision.

I do not offer pre-made seo plans
If and when you pay for help in the SEO area, you want someone that will guide you and ensure you’re making the right decisions. You want a freelancer that has the best interests of your business at heart. When you’re doing a set keyword package like this, the exact opposite is true. The provider has a vested interest in not telling you that a keyword you’ve selected (assuming it’s an easy one to rank for) won’t convert and that while it might bring a small flow of traffic that in reality it’s of little/no value to you.

My SEO pricing options described

  • Hire me on a contract basis
    I agree with my client a fee that is paid each week/month. A contract is involved for a set number of months.
    In return I help you out regularly instead of just popping in and out on different projects or at various periods of time. I supply regular information, reports and updates while keeping my client up-to-date with the latest trends and research.
    In general, it is the most common way to charge for SEO services.

    My minimum fee is €200 per month and there is no top barrier. I’m not able to provide a quality SEO service with positive impact on position of your website for less than that. I will work hard for you.

  • Project-to-project
    It’s entirely possible that a company only needs my SEO service for a certain project, such as the release of a specific product or other newsworthy item for their company. It may only be a one-time thing, like helping a company build their Twitter followers or increase their online presence just before a sale. Project-based services may be a one-and-done thing, or it could be something where the company employs my services every now and then.

How much SEO costs

What you pay for is not what it costs you. That is defined by the return you get on your investment. If a SEO company delivers a boost in sales and profit that’s 5, 10 or 25 times what you paid, it didn’t cost you anything!

If you’re looking to hire an SEO consultant, need to outsource, or are considering agency proposals, maybe we should have a chat.