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A great way to point out strategic opportunities.

SEO audit can be a great way to point out strategic opportunities. It is the most important step in search engine optimization for any website. Whether it’s local SEO for a small business, or a large-scale website, nothing should be done before an SEO audit is complete. It sets the groundwork for a successful website and can be done pre or post launch.

Professional website SEO audit involves looking at a number of factors and then writing general SEO guidelines with some specific examples of changes to be made. Some of those factors are:

  • URL structure
  • HTML code
  • loading speed
  • content
  • layout

Your website will be tested against Google Webmaster Guidelines with advice on how to fix any issues.

The SEO report

A SEO report is most valuable for a company that already has a technical employee on staff who can implement the changes and merely needs a little direction.
For a company without a technical employee on board, we can quote on implementing the changes.

Our SEO audit will help you make your site Google friendly.

We can audit and optimize all the pages on your website, to clearly communicate to the search engines, what your content is about, and why it should be considered for better placements.

Website audit will tell you how:

  • improve your site’s SEO
  • improve your site’s User Experience
  • optimize content and code
  • improve your site speed
  • improve of internal text links,
  • improve your site’s link profile

We will do an in-depth analysis of your website, checking many important SEO and Usability issues. We will spend hours on your website investigating what’s good and what needs work. We will check and evaluate site speed, site structure and content, HTML and XML sitemaps, your use of structured data (for example, backlinks profile and many more aspects of your site.

We always educate you on how the issues pointed out in the SEO audit can be implemented into your site.

We look at the following, but not only SEO issues:

  • Errors
  • Crawling/indexing issues
  • Site architecture
  • Redirects
  • URL issues
  • Duplicate content
  • Page title tags
  • Meta description tags
  • Headings
  • Meta robots
  • Rel canonical
  • File size
  • Site speed
  • Page depth level
  • Internal links
  • Anchor text
  • Dofollow & nofollow
  • External links profile
  • Images


The SEO analysis includes looking into your backlinks profile. We will explain you what type of links (if any) are directing to your website, which ones should be disavowed and what needs to be done to improve your Google TrustRank. Note: Implementing of the changes is not included. This is an audit – a research piece, not a whole SEO campaign or a project of removing your penalty. We are happy to provide guidance and lead the campaign – but that’s an ongoing process and a separate project.

Why choose us for auditing your website

  • we have experience with analyzing websites which means I won’t miss a thing
  • we stay up to date with the very latest SEO news, which is important as things in this field change every day
  • we can help you understand what each element of the audit entails
  • we will deliver prioritized actionable recommendations which makes it easy to choose what to implement, and when
  • we take pride in seeing your website succeed, I’m not in it for the short term

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